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I’ve been struck of late — generalisation alert — by how few men view witty women as sexy.

Recently, the American comedian Amy Schumer was bemoaning this very fact.

There was a time I played the Comedy Store with a youthful Paul Merton and Julian Clary. But in normal life, as a middle-aged divorced person who is not a total recluse, life — and especially the dating life — is a rich seam of comic material.

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Paradoxically, it may be the best way to get a good’s night sleep.

It is often whether or not he makes us laugh which is the clincher.

I had long, involved and flirtatious conversations with them both over dinner. He asked questions, laughed a lot and stayed by my side all evening, not exactly holding back with his body language.

The other didn’t ask any questions so I asked him a great deal about himself and he answered effusively.

We all know how winning and attractive a funny man is, even if he looks like Quasimodo. Of course, online and in general, they purport to value the old cliché of a GSOH (good sense of humour), but that’s bollocks.

What they mean by a woman with a GSOH is one who laughs at their jokes, not a woman who makes them laugh.

Miranda Hart has also spoken about this in the past, as have plenty of other women comedians.

In fact, many have complained that being funny has been an active turn-off for the men they have dated.

My father, who was in a wheelchair, never had any problems seducing women.