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Earl Mortimer college, is a state comprehensive school providing secondary education for about 650 pupils.The town has two primary schools; Leominster Primary School and Westfield's School.The data below is from a weather station in Preston Wynne, a village about 10 miles South East of Leominster.

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Roy, 22 at the time, was an electrician at Hartley Electromotives in Shrewsbury and two electricians, as well as other tradesmen, were needed for an installation in South Georgia. “But I volunteered to be one of the electricians who would visit the island which is 100 miles long and 20 miles wide – virtually nothing there apart from animals.

South Georgia has more animals per square mile than any place in the world.” This didn’t deter Roy who was born at Stokesay Castle and grew up with animals on a 650 acre farm.

“We were there in 1962-63, it was hard graft and I have never worked so hard in my life.

But we wanted the bonus.” A vote of thanks was given by Shrewsbury Severn Rotarian Mike Mortimer who served in the Royal Navy and described St.It was physically heavy work without a crane, everything was done virtually by hand and the building was built by 20 blokes.“The food and drink was supplied by the Norwegians and they would come in at 2 in the morning and we had to be up by 5.” He said the building was designed to do with whaling on the island at a cost of a ‘load of money’ - £1.4m.“Many years’ ago, I had a life changing experience,” Shrewsbury Darwin Rotarian Roy Bound told Shrewsbury Rotary’s evening club, Shrewsbury Severn.What could that be, thought members of Shrewsbury Severn?The life changing moment happened when he was at Hartley Electromotives.