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The former Loose Women star and musician Eddie met in 1980 and dated for six months before splitting up and moving on with their lives, but reconciled in 2008 and look happier than ever.Mc Donald was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire in April 1963.

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James Lock's girlfriend has quickly become best friends with the controversial Amber Turner and Megan Mc Kenna, and has already had her fair share of arguments.

The gorgeous brunette even managed to fallout with James' ex-girlfriend Danielle Armstrong on Twitter, who is no longer on The Only Way Is Essex.

"There's usually something I'll ask him about every day," she said. She said she usually bounded from one thing to the next - and that she "lived or died" by her calendar.

Miss Mac Donald said her average day was a pretty busy one.

Later she was to work on the Century, where she met Henrik Brixen, who was the ship's plumber.

Her time on the Century was not a happy one, due to pay delays, technical difficulties, and stressful working conditions.

But despite the drama surrounding Yazmin, TOWIE fans are only thinking about one thing, her famous lookalike.

Taking to Twitter, social media users have been comparing Yazmin to the stunning Loose Woman, Jane Mc Donald. " Another added: "I swear #TOWIE'S @James Lock_ has started dating cruise ship singer Jane Mc Donald.

You make your best case and see where the chips may fall," she said.

She said she had a good working relationship with her father and now she had become a solicitor, he had become her mentor.

After enjoying a short swim, the couple headed back to their sun beds where Jane was spotted applying sun tan lotion to Walter's chest before using it on herself.