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Over the years, schools, temples and mosques came to be built in the area, which is known as the "red light area".It is the allegation of the petitioner that the police taking advantage of such extension of the city limits and buildings of schools, temples and mosques in the area, have used the law to commit atrocities on the women in the area thereby violating their rights.

It is alleged that, on 5.1.2003, the respondents Nos.4 and 5 along with their subordinates entered "Noorjahan" and "Sangeeta" buildings in Chakla Bazaar and damaged the homes of the women living there and beat them up forcing them to leave the place.

They arrested about 37 women and 8 men from that area without following the procedure established by law.

Traffic lights make way for floodlights at Navaratri mandalis or dance venues.

Men and women in their brightly-coloured traditional costumes and swirl their dandiya sticks to the kediyu’s spin.

Gaurang Patel, 26, editor with a TV channel, met his fiancé Sejal Panchal during the festivities.

Friend, boyfriend, fiancé “I saw Sejal on the first night of the festival and it was love. After that, I was there every night, chatting her up and showing her dance moves.

During the festive season, pharmacists stock up on contraception, hotel rooms are let out by the hour and dance venues have condoms vending machines.

A couple of years ago, pharmacists in Gujarati cities claimed rise in the sale of emergency contraception pills.

The respondents Nos.4 and 5 and their subordinates took from the women Rs.1,000/- to Rs.1,500/- threatening them that if they did not pay up the amount, they would be imprisoned.

The women arrested were not informed under what provisions of law they were arrested and were not produced before Magistrate.

Between 5.1.2003 and 15.4.2003, in all, 584 arrests were made, of which 547 were women and 37 were men.