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Instead of just controlling a squad of individual units, each unit represents a team of three characters.

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Such was the case with Devil Survivor 2, a wonderful Nintendo DS strategic role-playing game that released in early 2012, just in time for shiny new 3DS offerings to overshadow its release.It’s taken its sweet time, but Devil Survivor 2 has now come to 3DS with a host of enhancements in tow.Will attacking an easy mark put you in range of something more dangerous?Should you substitute in weaker demon companions to earn bonuses like added range and movement?What is the meaning of the almighty beings and the all-consuming forces attacking mankind?

Can the seemingly endless cycle of destruction ever be halted?

There’s a tremendous amount of depth to the combat, and it’s put to the test in some of the best boss fights of the genre.

In these battles, you’re faced with terrifying, all-powerful beings who possess attacks that can absolutely decimate you--fierce long-range fire cannons, repeated multi-hitting strikes, multiple parts that regenerate after a set amount of turns--and you truly have to use your wits to figure out just how to take them down.

(The original game only had a single difficulty setting, which roughly corresponds with Record Breaker’s Apocalypse setting.) You can switch difficulty levels on the fly, which is a nice touch--this allows you to do things like grind easy optional battles to build up your demon army’s skills while saving the big challenges for the crucial story fights.

The other major addition is full voice-over for nearly every line in the game that’s not spoken by the lead (whose words you always control via a menu during conversations).

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