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In the present day, Peter Banning (Robin Williams) is a workaholic mergers and acquisitions lawyer whose job keeps him from his wife Moira and his two kids, preteen Jack and little Maggie.

The family travels to London, England to attend the dedication of a new wing of the Great Ormond Street Hospital, to be named after "Granny" Wendy Darling (Maggie Smith) - Moira's grandmother and the woman who raised the orphan Peter before placing him with American parents.

Barrie the inspiration to write , but that the story was an account of true experiences.Peter is the now-grown-up Pan, and Captain Hook still wants revenge upon him, so he kidnapped the kids.When you join, you have one goal to satisfy to get quickly hooked up and satisfy your intimate an online dating platform designed for individuals who would wish to have quick sexual encounters with less commitment.Having no memory of life before he was twelve years old, he does not believe this - but later that night, he is approached by Tinker Bell (Julia Roberts) herself, and she hauls him off to Neverland (as he has no happy thoughts to make the fairy dust work).

Hook himself (Dustin Hoffman) is horrified to discover what's become of his nemesis - Peter hasn't just forgotten how to fly, but has a - and Tinker Bell makes a deal with him to straighten Peter out in three days so that the war the villain always wanted can take place.

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While most of the adults are at the dedication ceremony, the children are kidnapped, and the ransom note left behind is a scroll pinned to the door with a dagger, requesting Peter's presence and signed by one James Hook.